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Incentives for JACIE Inspectors, survey results

JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee
Quality Managers Committee

As part of the Strategic plan of JACIE, we are working on reviewing and developing different ways to support our inspectors. JACIE exists thanks to a network of approximately 250 volunteer Inspectors from across the globe who participate on average in one or two inspections per year with a small number of inspectors exceeding this number. 

Current demand from Centres seeking JACIE Accreditation is very high and requires that firstly, our Inspectors continue to do inspections and secondly, recruitment and training of more Inspectors is done in order for JACIE to meet the demand and deliver a good and timely service.

In order to assess the needs of our inspectors and to identify their priorities, a survey was sent to all of them in July 2023. The results are summarised in the PDF below.

A total of 128 responses were received (response rate of 50%). The respondents highlighted the need for continuous education and a need to review the current Per Diem payments. One of the challenges identified by our inspectors was the lack of support from the Centres to carry out inspector activities with a number of inspectors having to use their annual leave for inspections.

JACIE inspectors Committee (JIC) set up a specific task force to co-ordinate the survey and JIC will draft a proposal on the changes on the inspector incentives or any changes required with the processes.  There will be further updates following the JIC and finally the EBMT board review on suggested change.

Thank you to all our inspectors who took the time to respond to the survey. The results will steer the JIC and the JACIE office in the next steps.