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Stavroula Chante, new Lymphoma Working Party Nurse

Lymphoma Working Party (LWP)

The Working Party Nurse is a role that is now firmly established as a valuable resource in each of the medical Working Parties. The goal to develop collaborative nursing/medical projects for patient benefit continues to develop at pace. The roles have begun to adapt to the needs of the WP with many nurses taking more responsibility for education. Meet with Stavroula Chante, from the UK, who has been nominated recently as the Lymphoma Working Party Nurse (LWP Nurse).

Stavroula Chante, LWP Nurse from the UK

"I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to be part of the EBMT Lymphoma Working Party for nurses. I am originally from Greece and I have been working in the NHS for 7 years, which has given me insight into different models of healthcare and making me more adaptable to country specific culture and requirements. My current role as Senior Haematology Research Nurse involves the maintenance of equilibrium between patient care and fidelity to research protocols. Clinical Research is now a core business, fundamental to high-quality care delivery and widely reported to improve patient outcomes. I have also been involved in education as Module Lead and Associate Lecturer within Oxford Brookes University.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about empowering the cancer nursing workforce to maximize their potential and ensure that cancer patients receive high quality evidence-based care. Nursing is a great profession currently facing difficult challenges and all nurses should be enabled to do their job to the best of their ability, to be valued, appreciated and supported. I am working towards optimising nurses’ contribution to the care of cancer patients and raising cancer awareness at an international, national and local level as a policy and advocacy committee member of the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care.

The skills and experience I have acquired over the years will hold me in good stead to be in the privileged position of contributing within a forward-looking organisation."

Stavroula Chante_LWP Nurse