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Remote assessments

by Eoin McGrath
JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee

JACIE preparations for rolling out a remote inspection process continue. Users are currently being set up in a Microsoft environment to support collaboration, file-sharing, and videoconferencing. The JACIE Inspectors Committee are reviewing the list of standards to help define the scope of the process and a small number of centres will be approached to participate in a pilot process in early 2021 to test the concept. Other centres will be scheduled in 2021 as soon as the process is up and running. Two recent surveys, one for centres and another for inspectors, showed overall support for a remote process given the current context and board levels of technical capacity to support this new format.

The surveys remain open and we are keen to have your input:

For the remote process, an expanded list of documents that should be provided by the applicant is being prepared. These documents will allow the inspectors to perform much of the assessment off-line but is likely to require some additional effort by centres to compile and submit and for inspectors to review and evaluate. This will be considered when establishing the preparation timeframes for each inspection.