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Quality Managers Committee, meet the team

Quality Managers Committee

The JACIE´s Quality Managers Committee (QMC) provides EBMT and JACIE QM stakeholders feedback to improve the accreditation process to meet the needs of the JACIE´s key stakeholders, the centres. The QMC brings together experts in Quality Management in Stem Cell Transplantation field and has recently renewed its members.

Thus, we would like to introduce the new members of the JACIE Quality Managers Committee! Rachel Luke, Laurel Anderson, Lea Brandy Kristensen, Nick Van Sinderen and Olivier Urbain who have joined existing members of the Committee Anne Emmett (new chair), Julie Dolva and Ilknur Kozanoglu. All of them are committed to continue providing invaluable contributions in QM matters to the JACIE community.

Anne Emmett (UK) is the Chair of the QMC. She has been involved in Quality Assurance for over 20 years and works currently as QM at Great Ormond Street Hospital. In addition, she contributes to JACIE as QM inspector, is a member of the JACIE Accreditation Committee and Co-chair of the QM Sub-Committee for the 9th version of the FACT-JACIE Standards.

Rachel Luke (UK) is an experienced QM working in BMT at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals  NHS Foundation Trust for the past 6 years. She is also an active QM inspector.

Prof. Dr. Ilknur Kozanoglu (Turkey) works at Acibadem University Labmed Clinical Laboratories as doctor responsible for flow cytometry and coagulation laboratory as well as Quality Consultant at Processing Facility GMP Laboratory. In addition, she is JACIE National Representative for Turkey and an active JACIE inspector for QM, Apheresis and Processing.

Julie Dolva (Norway) is the QM at the Haematology Department at Oslo University Hospital and part of Patient Safety Board at the Division of Cancer Medicine. She is a QM Inspector and has participated in the QM Sub-Committee for 7th and 8th editions of the FACT-JACIE Standards.

Laurel Anderson (South Africa) is the QM for the South African National Blood Services with 30 years’ experience in design, implementation and maintenance of various Quality Management Systems. She also contributes to JACIE as QM Inspector.

Lea Brandt Kristensen (Denmark) is Quality and Data Manager at Aarhus University Hospital. She is a member of the QM Sub-Committee for the 9th version of the FACT-JACIE Standards and an active QM Inspector.

Nick Van Sinderen (The Netherlands) is working as a QM in Cologne, Germany and he is also a JACIE QM Inspector.

Olivier Urbain (Belgium) is the QM in Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc, Brussels and he is an expert in audits. In addition, he is an active QM inspector.

The QMC is looking forward to contributing regularly to the EBMT Newsletter. The Committee is already preparing the Scientific Programme for the QM Day at the 51st Annual Meeting of the EBMT, which will be held in Florence, Italy from March 30th to April 2nd, 2025.

Rachel, Nick, Anne, Olivier, Julie and Lea (left to right on the picture above) had the opportunity to meet in person for the first time this April at the Annual Meeting of the EBMT in Glasgow.

For further information on the Committee objectives and their contributions please visit our website: