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Preparation of the 8th edition JACIE Standards – an update

by Eoin McGrath

The FACT-JACIE Standards Steering Committee met on 16-17 February in Orlando, USA on the occasion of the TCT congress. 9 FACT and 4 JACIE representatives reviewed the draft text that emerged from the sub-committee phase.

The format of the meeting was extended from 1 day as for previous editions to 1.5 days which allowed for more in-depth discussion and the line-by-line review during the meeting exposed several cases of duplication or repetition which are expected to be better managed.  

Overall, no substantial changes are expected in the format of the Standards while the Manual is expected to see changes in the layout in order to add more clarity and provide more examples.

Andra Moehring, the FACT Standards Manager, is now preparing the final draft which will be opened to public consultation between April and June 2020. As always, stakeholders are strongly urged to participate in the consultation and make their views heard.

A session on the Standards will be included in the EBMT 2020 Annual Meeting in Madrid within the Quality Management track on Tuesday 24 March. See the programme for more information.

20200216-17-Standards committee
From left to right: Lizette Caballero, Nina Worel, Helen Heslop, Joseph Schwartz, Michele Sugrue, Eoin McGrath, Phyllis Warkentin, Ivan van Riet, Olive Sturtevant, Paul Eldridge – Chair, Demetrios Petropoulos, Kim Orchard