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Pilot remote inspections update

Inspector Committee

On the 7th of May, a training was performed for inspectors who are participating in the pilot remote inspections. During the training we shared the timeline, inspection agenda and a demo of Teams and SharePoint was performed. In the coming days there will be an individual follow-up with the inspectors that couldn’t attend the training in order to assure conditions for the inspections.

On the 17th of May, we performed training for the three centers from Italy, France and the UK which are participating in the pilot. After that, each coordinator had a 1:1 meeting with the centres in order to assure conditions for the inspections.

Centres have almost finished the phase of uploading documentation and videos to the SharePoint platform in order to provide access to the inspectors to review it.

The scope of the pilot inspections will be a full assessment of all of the Standards relevant to the scope of the application. The eventual accreditation award will be for 4 years. The eventual accreditation certificate will indicate that the centre achieved accreditation via a remote process.  No additional fees will be charged.