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Nursing Paediatric Committee - 2020 overview and 2021 projects

Nursing Paediatric Committee

By Hilda Mekelenkamp

Educational Meetings

During the virtual Midterm Focus Meeting on non-malignancies in July 2020 we hosted, in collaboration with the linking nurses of the PDWP and SAAWP, 6 sessions with topics: Care for the donor, the information roadmap during HSCT, Emotional (and physical) preparation for HSCT, How to survive isolation during HSCT, Looking back on HSCT and Supportive care. Forty-five nurses from 12 countries attended the meeting and overall satisfaction was rated with 3.71 (scale 0- 4).

Read the reports of the Midterm Focus Meeting on Non-Malignant Diseases.

During the Pediatric Session of the virtual annual meeting in Aug/Sept 2020 we had two very inspiring talks: Impact of a health information technology tool addressing information needs of caregivers of adult and paediatric haematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients by Sung Won Choi from the United States and Music therapy supported quality of life and coping strategies for children during and after haematopoietic stem cell transplant by Lena Uggla from Sweden.

We planned a very interesting program for the EBMT Annual Meeting 2021 (17.03.2021, 16:15 – 17:30) with 3 talks on: gamified mobile health intervention, parent transplant decision making and good parenthood and eHealth, home care and self-management in pediatrics.

Ongoing projects update

We have worked the past years on different projects and we have three publications in the writing phase

  • BMT-ICU collaboration: safe transfer of patients from SCT to ICU
  • Specialized pediatric and young adult palliative care services in European pediatric HSCT centers
  • Supportive care beyond infection (in collaboration with PDWP)

We are working on a project focusing on recommendations concerning conditioning related skin toxicities.