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New Drop-in sessions for Centres!


JACIE is excited to announce the launch of our new Drop-in Sessions for Centres! This is your opportunity to meet the JACIE team and ask your burning questions about the JACIE Accreditation process. 


The drop-in sessions will take place quarterly and the first one will be on 16th May 2024, 4-5pm CEST 


You will need to access the session through the e-learning platform, via the JACIE Accreditation e-course for Centres.

You may enrol into the course HERE. It has free-access and is open to everyone.

If you are already enrolled in the course, you can access the course HERE.

If you have questions about how to log in, you can access the tutorials on non-member access, or member access. 


The calls are open to anyone who is thinking of applying for JACIE Accreditation and anyone who is already in the process of being accredited.

These drop-in sessions will be hosted by our JACIE Medical Officer and an Accreditation Coordinator. 


You will be able to meet the JACIE team and ask any questions related to the accreditation process. If you have questions about specific stages of the process or have troubles with a certain step (e.g. filling out the Checklist, using SharePoint) we will be there to help you.

Please note that we will not be answering specific questions about documentation or processes from your Centre and we will not be able to provide assessments about the compliance level of your programme. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at