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Meet Thomas Jézéquel, new Chair of the French EBMT Nurses Group


"My name is Thomas, I work at the Nantes University Hospital as an advanced practice nurse in pediatric oncology department. I’m involved in the care pathway of patients before and after a hematopoietic stem cell transplant. I also had an experience as a nurse coordinator for the pediatric HSCT program.

This year, I joined the French Nurses Group (FNG). I have been nominated as chair of the French Nurses Group for the EBMT Committee. It is a real pleasure to accept this mission and to succeed Caroline Bompoint. We are particularly grateful to her for her remarkable investment in this mission.

One of the main activities of the French Nurses Group is to promote nursing education. Also, in 2022, we wish to propose a new edition of its HSCT nursing guidebook, and to include new treatments such as CART-Cells therapy with an emphasis on the role of nurses.

We also want to develop our professional network and work on topics such as donor’s pathway in collaboration with the French unrelated stem cell donor registry and the national biomedicine agency. Furthermore, we would like to involve the field of nursing research to promote nursing and guarantee the best quality of care with a higher scientific level.

We also want to continue to invest in the areas of peer education. If the pandemic imposes some organizational issues, it also gives us the opportunity to readjust and develop new organizations and new types of course sessions (face-to-face and distance training). Based on this experience, we would like to continue and propose a new national education day for hematology nurses next June. The French nurses group is particularly concerned about preparing the most relevant program for the next national congress in November 2022. Also, as a new representative, I am very excited to be part of the scientific committee team of the nursing group for the organization of the EBMT Annual Meeting in Paris in 2023. I will use the FNG to discuss and propose the best scientific topics for the program.

Finally, I will be happy to collaborate with all the national chairs in the working groups, with the aim of improving the quality of care for our patients."

Thomas Jézéquel