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Meet Marta Canesi, new IDWP Nurse

Infectious Diseases Working Party (IDWP)

Infectious Diseases Working Party Nurse

Marta CanesiMarta Canesi - RN, MSN, Fondazione MBBM Onlus – Pediatric Department University Milano Bicocca, Monza, Italy

My name is Marta Canesi and I am an Italian nurse belonging to the Pediatric Hematology and HSCT Unit since 2011. I am currently responsible for the Nursing Research, Training and Development Area within the Pediatric Department.

My background is the pediatric stem cell transplant one and my field of interest is the outreach program: I am leading the children global medicine program at my institution. We ran the start-up of the first HSCT center in the Iraqi Kurdistan and we worked then in Paraguay, Guatemala, Iraq. I had the chance to join the EBMT GEC during a nursing training in Mumbai and, currently, online.

I joined EBMT as Junior Member in the Research Committee and I am really interested in nurse-led research projects, with a special focus on qualitative methods.

I am honored to be selected as IDWP nurse and I would like to connect the WP and the NG offering a distinctive point of view as a nurse. Moreover, I would like to support research projects in the field of infections that can implement practice and patients ‘outcomes.