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Meet Marijke Quaghebeur, Nurses Group Scientific Committee Member

Nursing Scientific Committee

Marijke Quaghebeur, clinical nurse specialist haematology and stem cell transplantation at University Hospital Gent, Belgium.

“Together with the team guiding our patients and their environment through and after stem cell transplant, stays a challenging and nice job. Teaching (student) nurses and patients, are integrated in our job. EBMT (nursing) materials and experiences are very useful to carry out these tasks. One of my special interests goes to Adolescents and Young Adult (AYA) care, which is in haematology and stem cell transplantation a patient group with specials needs.

Nursing research together with multidisciplinary colleagues is a way to look different at our daily practice. 

I’ve been member of the EBMT Nurses Group Scientific Committee for two years. It is such a nice medium to share professional experiences, and to connect with enthusiastic nurses from many different countries. I learned from EBMT to look further than your own centre, to get inspired from other experiences and to work together with doctors, patient coalitions, paramedical colleagues and many others from all over the world. Despite COVID, the EBMT meetings went on virtually, but in March 2022, the Annual Meeting will be hybrid in Prague! Time to have again real-life presentations, stories and testimonials, etc. Looking forward to it!”

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