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Meet Emma Williams, new Acute Leukaemia Working Party Nurse

Nurses Group
Acute Leukemia Working Party (ALWP)

"I am currently a Senior Haematology research nurse manager in the University Hospital of Wales. Our unit is a tertiary referral centre and a centre of leukaemia excellence. We provide trials to most of the population of Wales apart from North Wales. Our unit has approximately 65 trials covering 10 different disease sites, for a variety of blood cancer conditions.

I was awarded the RCN Nurse of the Year award for Research and Development in 2021 for my efforts in supporting and improving research and developing the haematology trials portfolio. I was also recognised for my work as a nurse researcher and strong advocate for nurses conducting their own research projects. During Covid 19 I developed and ran my own study looking at the quality of life of patients undergoing CART therapy. This work is currently in the advanced stages of being published in the Journal of Cancer Nursing Practice and is the first published UK works in this novel area, also a first for a nurse researcher.

I have been in Haematology research since 2009 and have always had an interest in haematology and oncology since working on a head a neck ward as a student. I have always had a very curious nature and have always been keen to explore novel approaches to the care we provide within the NHS.

Haematology research is highly complexed and the trials protocols are often deeply complexed and require more resources to be able to deliver them safely.  I have embedded research into haematology from the outset and have a sustainable and robust team.

Now I have completed my Master’s degree in Advanced Practice with distinction I am keen to increase my leadership skill. I am regularly asked to contribute to National trials groups and provide my expertise on research matters. These groups have been essential in our site being rewarded TAP, IMPACT and ECMC funding, enabling us to build on our infrastructure and provide more treatment options to our patients. I was also chosen as one of the first nurses to join the DIDACT academy with the ACT network as a budding nurse researcher.

I have continued to work tirelessly inside and outside of my role, aiming to raise awareness of the speciality and have raised thousands of pounds for blood cancer charities. I am a Clinical Advisor for Blood Cancer UK and helped write their webpage and training on CART therapy. I also rode London to Paris last year for Leukaemia Care and raised £4,500 .

My passion is all things haematology and feel that I could be a strong advocate for AML patients and advances in this area"