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Lynn Manson, new JACIE Committee Chair

JACIE Committee

Dr Kim Orchard (Southampton, UK) stepped down as the Chair of the JACIE Committee in August 2022; Committee which he had chaired since mid-2020. Dr Orchard, who has been an Inspector since 2004, continued to inspect regularly in the UK, Europe and further afield until his retirement from JACIE. He also served the UK National Representative and as the Chair of the JACIE Accreditation Committee.  

Following a search process, the Board approved Dr Lynn Manson (Edinburgh, UK) as the new Chair of the JACIE Committee in January 2023. Dr Manson will take over her new role with immediate effect. Dr Manson is a Consultant Haematologist, Edinburgh and South-East Scotland Clinical Transfusion Centre, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; an Honorary Consultant Haematologist, Lothian University Hospitals Trust; Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh; and a Speciality Advisor (Transfusion Medicine) to the NHS Scotland Chief Medical Officer.

Dr Manson trained as a JACIE Inspector in 2010 and is a Collection and Quality Management Inspector. To date, she has completed 13 inspections including one of the first virtual inspections, in UK, Europe and the Middle East. She has been a member of the Accreditation Committee since 2016 and a Chair of the Accreditation Committee since October 2020. In this role, she has provided valuable support to the JACIE Office resolving issues arising through the accreditation process actively contributing in this role to both JACIE and the Inspector Committees. Dr Manson has also been part of the FACT-JACIE Standards Sub-Committee for Collection for the 6th and 8th Editions of JACIE Standards.

Tuula Rintala, Director, Advocacy and Quality of Care, highlights: ‘I would like to, firstly, acknowledge Dr Orchard’s huge contribution to JACIE. He has been an integral part of the Inspector Community and the JACIE leadership from the very foundation. He has been a mentor to many Inspectors over the years and has actively recruited many new inspectors over the years. His leadership has enabled JACIE to thrive and he also steered JACIE during the challenging time during the pandemic working with the different committees to develop strategies to re-start the inspections. Together with Eoin McGrath he has been instrumental to the success of JACIE over the years. We are also delighted to continue to work with Dr Manson in her new role. Dr Manson has been working closely with the JACIE Office in her role as the Accreditation Committee Chair and brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles in JACIE and from her other Clinical and Leadership roles."