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JACIE starting to schedule on-site inspections from September


The JACIE Office has been working towards resuming some activities in the autumn, with on-site inspections among the top priorities. We are glad to announce that some of the previously postponed inspections are already scheduled starting from September.

Due to the evolution of the COVID19 pandemic which imposed travel restrictions across Europe, we continue to work with high uncertainty. JACIE has always favoured assigning diverse international teams, but in order to ensure our operations and the maximum safety of our volunteer inspectors, we anticipate that the preference will likely to be given to national assignments in the short term.

We continue to monitor the situation, and recognize that current conditions vary among countries. It is also taken into consideration that where JACIE accreditation is an obligatory requirement, further delays or lapsed accreditation might lead to interruption in patient care and the delivery of services.

We will continue to work on providing dates for centres waiting for inspection and hoping to notify more affected centres directly in the coming weeks. The JACIE Office kindly asks centres for their patience and understanding, and their support to take the highest possible safety measures in this reactivation process.