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The JACIE Accreditation Committee welcomes its new Chair

by Eoin McGrath
Accreditation Committee

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lynn Manson (Edinburgh, UK) as Chair of the JACIE Accreditation Committee succeeding Dr. Kim Orchard, now the new Chair of the JACIE Committee (See this news). Dr. Manson is a long-standing JACIE inspector and member of the Committee. She contributed to the 6th Edition Collection Standards Subcommittee and currently participates in preparation of the 8th Edition. Outside EBMT, she is Chair of the SNBTS Therapeutic Apheresis Services Operational Group, the Edinburgh & SE Scotland Clinical Transfusion Centre Patient Services and the Edinburgh & SE Scotland Clinical Apheresis Unit.

Dr. Manson brings a clear vision of the role of the Committee in terms of achieving greater recognition of the invaluable work being undertaken by its members, efficiently fulfilling its role as arbitrator on inspectors’ findings and identifying and acting on areas for improvement. She values the possibility of working closely with the newly formed JACIE Inspectors Committee to ensure that inspectors are aligned with the Accreditation Committee through education and communication on interpretation and related questions.

Dr. Manson is a Consultant Haematologist for the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service and is based in the regional clinical transfusion medicine centre in Edinburgh. She is SNBTS lead for therapeutic apheresis.

Lynn Manson