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EBMT TV 2019


EBMT, together with the broadcasting company WebsEdge, produced EBMT TV featuring interviews, session highlights and delegates’ insights and reactions from around the conference.

EBMT TV was on screens around the venue Messe Frankfurt and it's now available online via our YouTube Playlist.


Inside EBMT – Meeting Co-President

We caught up with EBMT 2019 Meeting Co-President Prof. Peter Bader (University Hospital Frankfurt Goethe University) to find out what to get excited about at this year’s meeting, from call therapy to unrelated donors, some hints of what to expect for the networking evening, as well as what Frankfurt brings to the meeting. Watch the video

Inside EBMT - Set up day

EBMT Operations Coordinator Bora Çelikel explains what it takes to get EBMT up and running. Watch the video

EBMT 2019 Patient, Family and Donor Day

Transplantation can be a challenging experience for patients, and managing the patient’s journey is a central part of the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation team’s role. Recognising that, today’s EBMT Patient Family Donor Day is a key part of the EBMT meeting. In its second year as an independently run group within EBMT, Bregje Verhoeven, EBMT Patient Family Donor Committee Chair talks us through why today is important, and what physicians and clinical staff can learn from patients and donors. We also spoke with Jan Geissler, founder of Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation, as well as patient and donor from across Europe who met after a successful last minute transplant - Jacqueline Harfmann (Donor) and Mark Ritson (Receiver). Watch the video

Inside EBMT - EBMT Handbook

We find out what to expect in the new EBMT Handbook, plus reactions from delegates about why it’s so useful. Dr. Enric Carreras and Prof. Nicolaus Kröger, Editors of the EBMT Handbook talk us through it. Watch the video

The Daily Debate CAR-T Cell Therapy: New Hope for Patients?

For our first day’s debate, we focus CAR-T cell therapy, newly approved in the USA and Europe, but how difficult is it to implement, and which patients will it ultimately help. Prof. Christian Chabannon (Chair, EBMT Cell Therapy & Immunobiology Working Party), Prof. Álvaro Urbano-Ispizua and Dr Silvia Montoto tell us more. Watch the video

EBMT and You - Welcome to the meeting!

We caught up with EBMT 2019 delegates to find out what they’re excited about, and what keeps them coming back to EBMT. Watch the video

EBMT 2019 Opening Ceremony - Van Bekkum and Basic Science Winners

As this year’s EBMT Annual Meeting officially opens, we hear from EBMT President Prof. Nicolaus Kröger who exactly this year’s big award winners are, and why they’ve won. Dr. Melody Smith, Basic Science Award Winner (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) explains who winning abstract: intestinal microbiome analyses identify biomarkers for patient response to car t cell therapy. Prof Uwe Platzbecker and Prof Martin Bornhäuser, Van Bekkum Award Winners introduce their abstract: 5-azacytidine (5-aza) induction followed by allogeneic stem cell transplantation versus continuous 5-aza in elderly mds patients (55-70 years). A prospective randomized study (vidazaallo study). Watch the video

Transplantation in Practice - The Nursing Team

Nurses Education is a core part of the EBMT annual meeting programme preparing the nursing team for new therapies, changing guidelines, as well as facilitating new research into how to take better care of patients. We caught up with John Murray, Chair of the EBMT Nurses Group to find out how it’s going, and introduced us to a couple of this year’s fascinating speakers – including Dr Hélène Schoemans (UZ Leuven) discussing long term survivorship, and Canada’s Jennifer Wiernikowski (Juravinski Cancer Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences) to discuss assisted dying and the challenges it brings to the nursing team. Watch the video

Transplantation in Practice - Transplant Coordinators Day

In its efforts to include all members of the transplant team, this year sees EBMT introduce the first EBMT-WMDA Transplant Coordinators Day. We spoke to organiser and ZKRD representative Annette Rasche, as well as speaker Catherine Burlton (Donor Follow Up Manager, Anthony Nolan) to hear why bringing together coordinators from across Europe is so important. Watch the video

Inside EBMT - Transplant Activity Survey

Since 1990, the EBMT has carried out the annual Transplant Activity Survey to prospectively collect numbers of patients treated with a haematopoietic stem cell transplant according to indication, donor type and stem cell source. This information allows anyone to get a better understanding of how services vary across Europe. As it approaches its 30th birthday, we spoke to Helen Baldomero (EBMT Activity Survey Coordinator) and Prof. Jakob Passweg (EBMT Activity Survey Clinical Advisor). Watch the video

The Daily Debate - Quality and Survival Outcomes

EBMT’s benchmarking strategy will provide transplant professionals with a means to assess how their unit is performing compared to the wider BMT community. In addition, it can reassure patients and payers with respect to the clinical performance and cost-effectiveness of their clinical BMT teams and services. However, it’s not without its challenges - Prof. John Snowden (Chair, JACIE Committee), Dr. Riccardo Saccardi (JACIE Medical Director) and Prof. Hein Putter (Medical Statistician, Leiden University Medical Center) talk us through these as well the opportunities the new system provides. Watch the video

The Next Generation - Young Ambassadors

Each year the EBMT selects a small of exceptional young people to act as Young Ambassadors to the Annual Meeting, reporting on the latest developments and their experiences as a young professional in the field. We were lucky enough to meet them. As the EBMT works to establish a young community across Europe, this group of dynamic young doctors and nurses are just the start. Watch the video

Ask the Researcher - Graft-Versus-Leukemia Effect

Prof. Avichai Shimoni, author of one of this year’s prize winning abstracts, receives questions from Prof Mohamad Mohty. The paper’s title is "Graft-versus-leukemia effect after haplo-identical stem-cell transplantation with post-transplant cyclophosphamide in AML- no association with graft-versus-host-disease: a study of the acute leukemia working party of EBMT". Watch the video

Presidential Symposium - Honorary Members and Clinical Achievement Awards

The EBMT 2019 Presidential Symposium recognises some of those who have devoted their lives to research in HSCT, as well the people who’ve worked to make EBMT what it is today. Up for honours this year are Prof. Per Ljungman (EBMT 2019 Honorary Member), Prof. Mauricette Michallet (EBMT 2019 Honorary Member) and Prof Wieslaw Jedrzejczak (EBMT 2019 Clinical Achievements Award). Watch the video

Hope for Life Wall – Tali Kornhauser

This year at the EBMT meeting, artist and CAR-T patient Tali Kornhauser helps delegates get creative as they express themselves on the Hope for Life Wall. We caught up with Tali, and made our own mark on the wall. Watch the video

Ask the Researcher - CAR-T Cell Therapy for Leukaemia

Today in the EBMT Hub we had a couple of very special guests to take a close look at one of this year’s top abstracts. Presenting her work was Dr. Shuangyou Liu, with questions from Dr Annalisa Ruggeri. The paper was titled “Sequential CD19- and CD22-cart cell therapies for relapsed B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: 10-month median follow-up. Watch the video

Transplantation in Practice - CAR-T and the Transplant Team

We already heard on EBMT TV from some of the doctors performing CAR-T cell therapy, but what about the wider team? EBMT TV investigates what it takes to perform CAR-T cell therapy from the nursing, pharmacist as well as quality management perspective. To talk us through it were Orla Stewart (King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), Anne Black (Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and quality manager Simon Hack (Directory, Quality Assurance and Improvement at HCA Healthcare UK). Watch the video

The Daily Debate - Cell Therapy in Children

This year’s EBMT Paediatrics Day focused on hemoglobinopathies, and in particular sickle cell disease, which is now recognised by the UN and WHO as a global health problem, and their role as some of the first targets for new cellular therapies. We caught up with some leaders in paediatrics to talk about the multiple curative options, and some of the limitations and opportunities. Our experts were Prof. Selim Corbacioglu (Chair, EBMT Paediatric Diseases Working Party), Dr. Josu de la Fuente (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) and Prof. Marina Cavazzana (Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital). Watch the video

Award Winners - Jon van Rood Award

This year’s Jon van Rood Award went to Dr. Itauá Leston Araujo (Université Paris VII Diderot), whose paper prosed that Human thymopoiesis is influenced by a common genetic variant within the TCRA-TCRD locus. Watch the video

Award Winners - Jian Jian Luan Award

Dr. Chiara De Philippis (Istituto Clinico Humanitas) won this year’s Jian Jian Luan Award, with a paper entitled: “Checkpoint Inhibitor Treatment Before Haploidentical Transplatation In Relapsed Or Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma (Hl) Patients Is Associated With Higher Pfs Without Increased Toxicities.” Watch the video

EBMT Research Grant

This year the EBMT in collaboration with the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine at the University of Florence announced an experimental or clinical research fellowship grant for a research project in the field of “Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Acute Leukaemia”. The recipient this year was Dr. Mirjam Belderbos. Watch the video

The Next Generation - Young Award Winners

As part of its efforts to grow a young community in the field, the EBMT gave out 10 special awards for the best abstracts submitted for Oral presentation, and 5 special awards for the best abstracts submitted for Poster presentation at the EBMT Annual Meeting 2019. We caught up with some of the winners to find out how it feels to get selected for this prestigious award. Watch the video

EBMT and You - Your meeting highlights

Finally, we spoke to EBMT attendees one last time, to find out what keeps them coming back, and why they’ll be at the front of the line for EBMT 2020. Watch the video

Graft vs Host Disease at EBMT 2019

Graft vs Host Disease is one of the biggest challenges clinicians face working in the field of HSCT, and little is known about the underlying mechanisms to this often devastating disease caused by the rejection of transplant material. GvHD expert Dr. Eva-Maria Wagner-Drouet talks us through the challenges, and some of the promising treatments. Watch the video