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EBMT receives a donation from Tecan employees

EBMT Organization

In June 2023 EBMT was selected by Tecan for their fourth edition of Tecan Gives Back.

Tecan is a leading global provider of automated laboratory instruments and solutions. Their systems and components help people working in clinical diagnostics, basic and translational research, and drug discovery.

Every year, Tecan employees commit to different activities as part of the company's corporate charity campaign, Tecan Gives Back.

This employee-driven initiative started in 2020 and aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees while funding charities that make a difference in cancer research. Volunteering or engaging in fitness activities can earn employees 'kilometres' for their chosen charity.

These are then pooled and converted into cash donations at the end of the month-long challenge.

This year, almost 700 Tecan employees participated in Tecan's fundraising month for charities fighting cancer. This record-breaking engagement in sports and well-being activities raised money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the Swiss Cancer Foundation, the Australian Skin Cancer Foundation, and the EBMT.

The employees that chose the EBMT together raised an impressive €11.816, which EBMT gratefully accepted and will add to the EBMT Science Fund. The Science Fund was developed to support strategic scientific studies with high priority for the mission goals of EBMT, such as the COVID task force and studies in new innovative and promising areas like Cellular Therapy.

EBMT thanks the Tecan employees for this truly inspirational initiative and for their determination and perseverance which were obviously needed to come to such an amazing result.