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EBMT Activity Survey 2022 data request

Registry/Data Management
Transplant Activity Survey
Activity survey office

Ready to report your 2022 transplant activity to the survey office?

From Jakob Passweg (Activity Survey Clinical Advisor) and Helen Baldomero (Activity Survey Coordinator)

We would like to thank you for your excellent collaboration and continued reporting of your annual transplant activity data despite the extremely difficult situation we have all experienced these last few years. We are currently analysing the 2021 data and hope to submit it for publication before the end of December.

We are asking you, once again, to report your 2022 transplant activity to the survey office. To do so, you can download the guidelines and the survey sheet below or by visiting the Transplant Activity Survey page on our website. When reporting your data please note the following.

New in 2022: enhanced definition of NHL in rows 14-16 and diagnosis for CAR-T therapy in rows 42-45.

Reporting guidelines: Table 1 for HSCT

Rows 1-30, 1st HSCT: report the number of first allograft and /or first autograft in 2022 for both pediatric and adult patients. E.g., a patient with two autologous HSCT is counted as one first transplant and one additional transplant. A patient with an allograft following an autograft is counted as 1 x first allograft and 1 x first autograft.
Row 31: is the sum of FIRST transplants reported in rows 1 - 30.
Row 32: report the number of retransplants and/or additional second or more transplants performed in 2022.
Row 33: is the sum of rows 31 + 32, providing us with the total number of all transplants performed in 2022.
Row 34: report the total number of pediatric transplants (<18 at transplant) as well as individually in rows 1-30.
Row 35: report the number of allogeneic transplants with non myeloablative conditioning (including RIC).
Row 36: report the number of patients receiving their first unmanipulated DLI in 2022 and main reason for giving it. E.g., if a patient receives three DLI infusions in 2022; report as one patient.

Table 2 for Cellular therapies: Report the number of patients receiving NON HSCT cellular therapies using manipulated or selected cells in your centre in 2022 by indication and donor type. Report the number of patients and not the number of infusions: E.g., a patient with three NK cell infusions is counted as one patient. Cellular therapies can be reported within or outside of the context of HSCT.
Please also report patients treated in clinical trials, as this survey does not affect any confidentiality issues and provides an overview of how many therapies are performed in Europe each year.

The guidelines will help with reporting your data as well. You may return your survey using the self-addressed envelope included in the postal mailing you will have recently received or by e-mail to

If you do not have any data to report to the 2022 survey, please let us know indicating the reason when possible.

We would be grateful if you could submit your 2022 data by 1st April 2023.