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Changes to the JACIE Accreditation Process

Accreditation Committee

The JACIE Accreditation Committee (JAC), 18 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), meet twice a month to review completed reports to review and assess deficiencies as well as to determine the time granted for centres to correct deficiencies. For the last year 2022, JAC has been able to complete a review of around four reports per month at best.

Recognising the backlog in reports review from 2022, and the number of reports due to be reviewed, a proposal was put forward to restructure the JAC meetings. Rather than having a full committee meeting every two weeks, the report review is done by the SMEs attending the meetings relevant to their specialist area only. All JAC members are able to attend any (or all) of the sub-committee meetings. The reports are then collated by the Accreditation Co-ordinators after all the groups have met and assessed the relevant sections including the overall finding for compliance for their specific section.

JAC commenced with the new process in January 2023. To date, two rounds of meetings in the new format have been completed with twelve (12) reports in total completed (increase from 4 to 12 per month). At the moment the reports reviewed are from 2022, but with the increased throughput we anticipate that the reporting timelines will reduce significantly going forward.

JACIE are hugely grateful for our Accreditation Committee members for their time, effort and commitment to pilot the new process and engage with changes to reduce the length of time for the reports and improve the service to our centres.