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Building the EBMT interim Cellular Therapy Database


Over the last few months, the Registry has made quite a few tough choices that forced us to think a little out of the box and unfortunately change course a few times. Obviously, this was the case with the Registry upgrade project but also for the cellular therapy database. 
Recently EBMT invested in a product called CASTOR to assist with parts of the data capture for the CT data. In the last months, we have focused on the setup and we are now in the process of thoroughly testing the system and functionality. We expect that by the end of September/October we should be able to go live with the system. 

As said before, the solution we are currently proposing is an interim solution. At the same time, the Registry upgrade project is progressing, we project that next year a solid solution will be in place for data capture of transplant and cellular therapy data. 

We will soon be in touch about the logistics of all this, which includes training, documentation and access to the system itself.