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Benchmarking project update

by Eoin McGrath
JACIE Committee
Accreditation Committee

The second EBMT benchmarking* exercise is now underway. Reports for the 395 qualifying CICs were distributed on Friday 2 July with all Principal Investigators notified by email with instructions on how to access their files.

This second exercise features an improved report based on feedback received from the first exercise. For instance, loss-to-follow-up and clinical outcome are now in one single report rather than two separate reports. Centres that meet the threshold for data completeness will find their clinical outcome benchmarking in the same document. The layout has been made clearer and enriched with new information e.g. comparison with the previous benchmarking report. 

Centres are strongly encouraged to provide their feedback and suggestions for improvement via the survey at

Of the centres that were not included in this second exercise, 20,8% were not full member anytime in 2015-2019,  0,2% only registered transplants for solid tumours, 10,4% registered <80% of transplants in Activity Survey and  2,3% registered fewer than 10 eligible allogeneic or 5 eligible autologous transplants per year on average (after applying all other exclusion criteria).

For any queries regarding benchmarking, please write to

* Benchmarking (defined as “the process of comparing a practice’s performance with an external standard”) will provide transplant professionals with a means to assess how their unit is performing compared to the wider BMT community. In addition, it can reassure patients and payers with respect to the clinical performance and cost-effectiveness of their clinical BMT teams and services. Regulators see that benchmarking is an additional component to ensuring safe care of patients.