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Acute Leukaemia Working Party Scientific Meeting and Educational Symposium. "Advances in pre and post-transplant management of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia"

Acute Leukemia Working Party (ALWP)

16-17 November 2018 in Krakow, Poland

Abdul hamid Bazarbachi, EBMT 2018 Young Ambassador, gives feedback about the Acute Leukemia Working Party Meeting and Educational Symposium.

This ALWP Meeting in Krakow was a truly memorable experience. Not only did it provide a comprehensive overview of the evolution of transplant in acute leukemia in the last four decades, but also offered important insights on where it is headed. The field is ever evolving with the constant advancement of not only novel therapies but also deeper understanding of disease allowing refined personalized treatments.

The meeting included important updates on the better understanding of MRD and cytogenetics, provided some very interesting suggestions on haplo’s role in replacing matched donors in certain situations and highlighted data regarding reduced induction and conditioning regimens providing better response all while limiting toxicity. I also enjoyed the sessions about the important role of maintenance therapy in sustaining deep remission in acute leukemia patients.

These meetings are especially important in my opinion for young physicians to solidify their grip on the latest advancements and keep them up to date for optimal practice. I also had the amazing opportunity to present my first project proposal “Veno-occlusive disease behind multiorgan failure in acute leukemia transplant patients: a retrospective analysis” focusing on determining the true incidence of VOD by retrospective analyses of deceased transplant patients which will always be a special experience. It wouldn’t be complete without thanking Prof Mohty for the opportunity and highlighting the amazing Polish hospitality and the talented performance of Prof Giebel and his band. A meeting to remember, see you all next time!

Bazarbachi Abdul Hamid EBMT ALWP
Abdul hamid Bazarbachi