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Scientific report 2023 of the Transplant Complications Working Party (TCWP)

Major achievements

During 2023 the TCWP finalised several important projects including the new guidelines on prevention and management of GVHD as well as joint ERS/EBMT Task force guidelines on pulmonary GVHD which are both in the process of publications.

Several other important studies were also finalised in the form of publications, including the first real-life experience with cytopenias and organ complications after CAR-T therapies as well as the first AI study conducted in the TCWP on the mortality and NRM after allogeneic HSCT.

Furthermore, the TCWP followed the same successful format of the previous year and conducted a successful educational meeting in September in Copenhagen in a format of patient case discussion and sharing practical skills. Patient advocates, nurses and physicians all participated, significantly improving the audience engagement in the activities and resulting in a very positive feedback.

Finally, significant work was also done in the harmonisation of definitions for the new EBMT Registry to improve the quality and speed of TCWP studies in the future.

Principal research studies

Key publications

TCWP Indicators 2021-2023
  2021 2022 2023
Oral presentations 2 6 1
Poster presentations 2 5 9
Educational events 1 1 1