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E-learning: Webinars, e-courses & podcasts

In 2020, the EBMT began offering free, live webinars, hosted by experts, for all EBMT members. The webinars are on specialised topics pertaining to HCT and Cellular Therapy, and consist of an expert’s dissertation with a series of slides.

View the list of webinars, e-courses and podcasts that were organised in 2023 - The video and slides are available for EBMT members on the e-learning platform.



  • CART in first line ALL Therapy, pros and cons: Tobias Feuchtinger, Gunnar Cario (speakers) and Adriana Balduzzi (moderator).
  • Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Non-Malignant Disorders Haploidentical vs. Matched Unrelated Donor: Pros and Cons: Kirill Kirgizov (speaker) and Josu de la Fuente (moderator).
  • Gene therapy vs. SCT in HGB: Josu de la Fuente (speaker) and Emma Drasar (moderator).


  • How to Present the Summary Report After Inspection: Lynn Manson, Estee De Swardt, Deborah Richardson (speakers) and Eugenia Trigoso Arjona (moderator).
  • Time Management: How to Administrate Your Time Before, During and After JACIE Inspections: Dania Arabi, Carla Sánchez (speakers) and Eugenia Trigoso Arjona (moderator).
  • ISBT128 Compliant Labels - Labels Explained: Sandra Loaiza, John Fitzgerald (speakers) and Aurora Vassanelli (moderator).
  • Lost in Translation? Not in Inspection!: Dania Arabi, Lucía Jimenez (speakers) and Eugenia Trigoso Arjona (moderator).
  • Bettering our Benefits: Update on JACIE Inspector Incentives & Review of 2023: Carla Sanchez, Sandra Loaiza, John Fitzgerald, Renza Monteleone, Dimitrios Bourantas (speakers) and Lucía Jimenez (moderator).

Physicians' Webinars

  • Prevention of relapse after allogeneic HSCT in FLT3pos AML: Andreas Burchert (speaker) and Mohamad Mohty (moderator).
  • The Involvement of haematologists in a significant radiation incident occurring in Ukraine: Oleksandr Petrusha with Leif (speakers) and Ray Powles with Sergiy Klymenko (moderators).



  • EBMT Registry Training – Modules for National Registries & EBMT Staff (May)
  • EBMT Registry Training – e-courses for data editors, data viewers and data monitors (August)
  • Chimera - e-course from trainees for trainees
  • JACIE Accreditation e-course for Centres
  • The Involvement of haematologists in a significant radiation incident occurring in Ukraine



  • Blood Matters - a Podcast for Nurses: 10 episodes February- December. Hosted by Michelle Kenyon and Emma Chalmers.