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JACIE Organization & Office

The executive body responsible for JACIE activities is the JACIE Committee, composed of a chair, two EBMT representatives, two ISCT representatives, and the JACIE Medical Director.  The JACIE Committee is also responsible for overseeing the three other EBMT committees dedicated to accreditation issues: the Accreditation Committee, the Quality Managers Committee, and the Legal & Regulatory Affairs Committee. Learn more about their activities by clicking the links below. 

JACIE Organigramme

JACIE Committee Members

National & Sectoral Representatives

Most participating countries and some regions/sectors have representatives who are an excellent source of information about how quality guidelines and the JACIE standards should be implemented in their particular area. Contact your country representative for background information or if you have any particular questions about the process.

Inspection Report Assessors

The Inspection Report Assessors' tasks are to check the Inspection Reports, clarify any issues with the inspectors, and present the reports to the Accreditation Committee. The Assessors also contribute to training courses and discussion on the interpretation of standards.

Accreditation Office

Located in Barcelona, Spain, we share an office with the EBMT Executive. The JACIE office manages applications and general enquires, and also organizes a number of workshops, training, audit and information courses.

JACIE Accreditation
EBMT Executive Office
Banc de Sang i Teixits
Passeig Taulat, 116
08005 Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: +34 93 453 8570
Fax: +34 93 451 9583