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JACIE Accredited Centres

31 March 2020 - please see the general update on JACIE accreditations and COVID-19.

The extension was awarded as a once-off or unique measure to all those centres whose accreditation was still valid after 31 March 2020. New accrediation awards issued after 1 April 2020 will revert to the standard 4-year period.

Accreditations that had already expired before 1 April 2020 were not extended. Those centres are listed as "In Process" in a separate list from the Accredited centres. This is referred to as "coverage", a term limited to acknowledging that a given centre is in the accreditation process without having achieved accreditation. A letter stating their current status can be requested from the JACIE office by the centre by writing to  

This page features two lists. The first list shows all of the centres with valid accreditation (valid meaning not yet expired). The second list shows those centres that have formally requested accreditation and who are at some stage of the process. This includes having applied, awaiting inspection, inspected awaiting report, or in the corrections phase. This list makes no assessment of the centres' compliance with the Standards. Both lists are updated on a monthly basis. 

See also the additional guidance under the FAQs section.

Note. Due to the disruption caused by the COVID19 pandemic, centres may take longer than expected to complete the accreditation process. 

In the event that a centre does not appear on either list, please contact the JACIE Office at for more information or telephone +34 93 453 8570.