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"How do you do it..."- Online meeting

The EBMT Paediatric Nursing Committee aims to facilitate connections with paediatric nurses across Europe. We would like to provide you with the opportunity to share practices and knowledge in an approachable manner by organizing an online meeting session three times a year, named 'How do you do it...'.
Our online meetings are designed to be highly interactive, providing a dynamic platform for participants to actively engage and share their valuable insights. We encourage open discussions and the exchange of real-world experiences to foster a collaborative learning environment.
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EBMT Paediatric Nursing Committee


  • Empower nurses through the promotion of collaboration between centers, fostering networking opportunities for enhanced professional development.

  • Compare nursing practices across Europe with the goal of identifying similarities and differences, thus promoting a better understanding of various approaches to care while working towards greater standardization of guidelines.


Isolation rules in HSCT

The meeting, held on 28 February 2024, convened 25 attendees from various countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, and Indonesia. Its purpose was to empower nurses through fostering collaboration between centres and encouraging networking for professional development. Additionally, it sought to facilitate a comparative analysis of nursing practices across Europe, aiming to understand diverse approaches to care and to work towards standardising guidelines for isolation rules in HSCT.

The topics discussed regarding isolation rules were:

1. Protective Gear
2. Protective Isolation Time
3. Food Restrictions
4. Isolation Room and Outside the Room
5. Hygiene Policy
6. Visitor Policy

Here you can see a meeting summary with the main conclusions:

InfographicInfographic 2


Discharge after HCT

More information coming soon!