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Hepatic Veno Occlusive Disease (VOD) for Physicians


A comprehensive e-learning programme on the physicians’ role in management of hepatic VOD.

The physicians’ e-learning programme provides education and practical information on key aspects of hepatic VOD management. It aims to support effective management and early diagnosis of hepatic VOD, especially more complex and challenging cases, by sharing up-to-date information and expert insights. 

This comprehensive, interactive programme comprises five core modules on hepatic VOD management. This includes risk assessment, signs and symptoms, severity grading, diagnosis and treatment. Within each module, you will find a wide variety of resources, such as podcasts, videos, data presentations, downloadable resources, patient case studies, as well as ultrasound and liver stiffness measurement video demonstrations, to enhance your learning throughout the programme. After completing the modules, the final assessment will be unlocked and you will receive a certificate to indicate proof of learning. All content was produced through collaboration with an international steering committee, to ensure relevance to current clinical practice. This has been fully funded and developed by Jazz Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with an international physician steering committee, and the content has been reviewed by the EBMT for scientific accuracy.

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