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EBMT Registry Annual Data Management Educational Event

Virtual Meeting
Presenters / Organizers :
EBMT Registry

Welcome to the EBMT Registry Data Management Education and Training Event 2021

We are happy to announce that the EBMT Registry will now be holding its own Annual Data Management Education and Training Event in addition to the one that takes place during the Annual Meeting.

We hope that you are as excited at this opportunity as we are and we really hope that by having an additional educational event, we will be able to close any gaps in training and provide necessary support and share knowledge in the field of data collection.

We also hope that we can enhance and strengthen our Data Managers’ community and ultimately improve data reporting and data quality practices in the Registry.

Our first two-day Education and Training Event focused on Cellular Therapies will take place in November 2021.

We are planning to offer a comprehensive free online training to the Data Managers from all of our centres on how to enter data on pre-registration, day 0, day 100, 6 months and annual follow ups for CT treatments in the new database following the revised form along with some interesting educational content.

Please save these dates: 10-11 November 2021!

We are working on the programme right now and will post it as soon as we have everything finalised!

We look forward to welcoming you in November!

Bas Middelkoop
EBMT Registry Director