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Update on the EBMT Ukrainian Crisis Assistance Program (UCAP)

EBMT Organization

In the light of the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the devastating impact it is having on civilians and patients in the affected regions, the EBMT set up the initiative called the EBMT Ukrainian Crisis Assistance Program (UCAP). 

The objective of this initiative, managed by the EBMT UCAP Task Force, is to support and care for Ukrainian transplant and cellular therapy candidates by linking them to EBMT transplant centres which are able to treat said patients. All EBMT's member centres were contacted back in April and since then, we have had a total of 28 centres who have agreed to volunteer their services and host patients requiring HSCT and/or cellular therapy. 

Each patient's case has been assessed by an international tumour board – during the EBMT UCAP weekly meetings – together with the referring physicians in Ukraine.

EBMT would like to thoughtfully thank all the centres that have volunteered to the UCAP so far.

If your centre is willing to volunteer its services and hosts Ukrainian patients requiring HSCT and/or cellular therapy, please liaise with your Principal Investigator.