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Report of the 3rd EBMT - China Scientific Forum - 17 September 2023 - Beijing, China

Global Committee


Summary report written by the EBMT Shanghai Office


On 17 September 2023, the 3rd EBMT-China Scientific Forum, co-organized by the Chinese Association of Pathophysiology and EBMT Shanghai Office and hosted by the Chinese National Center for Clinical Research of Hematological Diseases & Peking University Institute of Hematology, was held in Beijing. More than 200 Chinese and  European hematologists and young physicians came to participate in this forum.


Professor Kaiyan Liu, Executive president of the Forum, presided over the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, Professor Xiaojun Huang, Director of the Peking University Institute of Haematology said that the success of the EBMT-China Scientific Forum marks a new platform for cooperation between Chinese and European haematologists, and hoped that the convening of this forum will lay a solid foundation for building a closer pattern of global healthcare cooperation, and make a more positive contribution to the prosperity of the global healthcare cause.

欧洲血液和骨髓移植协会全球委员会主席&EBMT上海代表处创始成员高汉(Norbert Claude Gorin)院士分享了EBMT1974年成立以来,在近50年的历史中做出的贡献以及EBMT上海代表处自2020年成立以来所取得的成绩,并特别感谢法国博效基金的支持。

Professor Norbert Claude Gorin, Chair of the Global Committee of EBMT & Founding Member of EBMT Shanghai Office, shared the contributions made by the EBMT in its nearly 50 years of history since its establishment in 1974, as well as the achievements of  EBMT Shanghai Office since its establishment in 2020, with special thanks to the support of Boxiao Foundation.

欧洲血液和骨髓移植协会主席苏芮达(Anna Sureda教授通过线上方式积极参与了论坛。她在开幕式上表示,这几年疫情的特殊时期,感谢中国方面做出了巨大的贡献,希望在不久的将来,可以有机会与大家面对面进行交流。

Professor Anna Sureda, President of EBMT, actively participated in the forum virtually. In her opening speech, she expressed her gratitude to the Chinese colleagues for their great contribution during these special years of the epidemic and hoped to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face in the near future.


Professor Youyi Zhang, president of the Chinese Association of Pathophysiology, firstly expressed her warm welcome to all the experts and hoped that this forum would be an opportunity to further bring into full play the strengths of China and Europe in basic research and clinics, and to promote the development of haematology and strengthen international exchanges.


In the five sessions of the forum, haematologists from China and Europe shared and exchanged views on hot areas such as B-cell lymphoma in the CAR-T era, elderly haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, acute leukaemia transplantation, endothelial cell injury after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and chronic graft-versus-host disease, from their respective clinical experiences as well as perspectives. Despite the 6-hour time difference, the European experts online had a lively discussion with the scholars and young physicians on the site.

3rd EBMT China Scientific Forum


At the closing ceremony of the forum, Mr Yi Zheng, representative of EBMT Shanghai Office, read out the list of 26 Chinese members of EBMT, and Professor Norbert Claude Gorin, who is also the first chief representative of EBMT Shanghai Office, presented EBMT membership certificates to the representatives of the member units present. We all look forward to the future reunion!

3rd EBMT China Scientific Forum