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Report of the 2nd EBMT-China Nursing Forum - 16 September 2023 - Beijing, China

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Summary report written by the EBMT Shanghai Office

The 2nd EBMT-China Nursing Forum was successfully held in Beijing


The 2nd EBMT-China Nursing Forum was successfully held on 16 September 2023 in Beijing. The Forum was co-organized by the Chinese Association of Pathophysiology and EBMT Shanghai Office, and hosted by Peking University Institute of Haematology.


Nursing experts from both China and Europe focused on cutting-edge topics such as fertility issues of patients after HSCT in China and Europe, skin management of HSCT patients and dietary management (allogeneic vs. autologous transplantation), with in-depth interactions and case studies. Using a combination of online and offline modes, the conference brought together more than 100 care professionals in hematology to learn and explore the latest nursing advances in China and Europe, while at the same time launching in-depth discussions on the three themes, bringing a different look to Beijing in September.

中国国家血液系统疾病临床医学研究中心、北京大学血液病研究所、北京大学人民医院颜霞总护士长和EBMT护理委员会主席米歇尔(Michelle Kenyon)担任大会主席,并致开幕辞。颜霞在致辞中表示希望本次论坛的召开能促进中欧血液学护理互学互鉴,深化护理学领域的交流与合作。米歇尔(Michelle Kenyon)介绍了EBMT护理专委会的工作内容和发展规划,强调本次会议是第二次中欧血液护理论坛,在跨国界血液护理专业共享下,推动血液病护理专业发展,并对未来的合作提出期许。

Xia Yan, Chief Nursing Officer of the Chinese National Clinical Medical Research Centre for Haematological Diseases & Peking University Institute of Haematology, and Michelle Kenyon, President of the EBMT Nursing Group, delivered the opening speech. In her speech, Xia Yan expressed her hope that the convening of this forum will promote mutual learning and appreciation of caring in hematology between China and Europe, and deepen exchanges and cooperation in this field. Michelle Kenyon introduced the work content and development plan of the EBMT Nursing Group, emphasised that this is the second Sino-European Nursing Forum in hematology, which promotes nursing professionals to share their expertise across national borders, and expressed her expectation for future cooperation.

The 2nd EBMT-China Nursing Forum


The forum covered practical clinical points and difficulties. During the discussion session, the on-site caregivers discussed and shared intensely about the current situation in Europe and in China, in terms of specific measures of clinical nursing interventions, psychological support, nutritional interventions, follow-up management, etc., aiming to jointly promote the development of the haematopoietic stem cell transplantation nursing profession towards standardisation and unification.

论坛最后由浙江大学医学院附属第一医院金爱云护士长和米歇尔(Michelle Kenyon)致闭幕辞,中欧双方均表示期待未来更深入的交流和学习。

The forum ended with closing remarks by Aiyun Jin, Chief Nurse of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and Michelle Kenyonwith, both of them looked forward to more in-depth exchanges and learning in the future.


Academics are without borders, the successful convening of the forum lays the foundation for in-depth exchanges between Chinese and European haematology nursing professionals. It is hoped that through co-operation and exchanges, Chinese and European nursing professionals can work together to solve the clinical nursing problems and contribute to the improvement of patients' quality of life.

The 2nd EBMT-China Nursing Forum