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Prospective survey on impact of COVID-19 on stem cell transplant recipients and patients treated with CAR-T cells

Infectious Diseases Working Party (IDWP)

The impact of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV 2 on immunosuppressed patients such as stem cell transplant recipients and CAR-T cell recipients has been significant. However, there is still a lot of missing knowledge. The Infectious Diseases Working Party of the EBMT therefore has collected data since early March. This activity is still ongoing and we believe it is of major importance to continue collecting information and we are also working on new questions such as the effect of vaccines. We therefore hope you are willing to continue participating in the ongoing prospective survey about the impact of COVID-19 on patients having undergone stem cell or CAR T cell therapy in the data registration.

The survey is in these steps:

  1. Please, fill in the registration form for each patient diagnosed with covid-19 at your center and submit the completed form to the EBMT IDWP Data office. 
  2. After resolution of the episode, we will collect more information regarding the COVID-19 infection and its outcome. Please, fill in the follow-up form. 
  3. We will thereafter merge the information with the MED-A form to get the basic patient information.

Extension of the inclusion

We also want to understand what happens if patients with a recent COVID-19 undergoes either stem cell transplantation or CAR T cell therapy. This is a complementary form to the registration form. If you have such patients, please, fill in the form and thereafter also the follow-up form for such patients. If the number of such patients exceed the number of slots on the form, please, add a 2nd form.

All the forms are available below and are protected with a password: covid_idwp


For any question about this survey, please email If you do not wish to participate, please let us know as well. 

Per Ljungman
Rafael de la Camara
Nicolaus Kröger
Jan Styczynski
Stephan Mielke
Malgorzata Mikulska