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Official launch of EGALiTE – Accreditation project

Accreditation Committee

JACIE and the EBMT joined with the number of stakeholders in the kick off meeting in Barcelona 26-27th May 2022 for the launch of EGALiTE (European Group For Accreditation and Liaison of Blood – Tissues And Cells Establishments) for this 30 month long, EU funded project.

EGALITE Kick-Off Meeting

EGALiTE aims to promote the harmonisation of practices among Procument Organisations, Blood and Tissue Establishments; to encourage sustainability and collaboration among stakeholders and the implementation of strategies required to improve accessibility and sufficiency of Substances of Human Origin (SoHO) at European level. Additionally, the project aims to optimise the use of resources and enhance the capability of SoHO organisations to respond rapidly, and in a coordinated fashion, to health threats.

The project gained momentum during the pandemic as many organisations involved in the activities with SoHO saw their activities severely impacted. It highlighted the lack of resilience of the current arrangements placing organisations under unprecedented stress. Previous to the impact of covid-19, there had already been recognition of the disruption such events could cause on the routine activities of Procurement Organisations (PO) and Blood and Tissue Establishments (BE/TE), affecting the ability to assess and evaluate donors, or prepare, issue and distribute Blood, Tissues and Cells (BTC) at local, regional or national levels.

EGALiTE aims to define of a set of guidelines for sharing knowledge resources and SoHO of mutual recognised quality, with the aim of improving patients’ accessibility to treatment and the resilience of public organisations and health systems. It is inspired by the success of prior European initiatives such as the JACIE, EuroGTP II Project, CEUTE (Consortium of European Tissue Establishment) and TAIEX program (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange), and it aims to support technical collaboration and the exchange of BTC among the organisations of the European Health Systems.

JACIE, together with the BST (Barcelona Tissue Bank) will lead on the Working Party 5, which will develop an accreditation scheme based on JACIE and other existing European accreditation models and the associated documents and learning packages. The project will be supported by a dedicated team of a Project Manager, Quality Technician and an E-learning specialist based at JACIE.

You can find more information on the project’s website

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