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Meet the Inspector, Laura Lombardi

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Inspector Committee
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Inspectors are the backbone of JACIE; without them, there is no accreditation process. Becoming an inspector is a wonderful way to contribute to maintaining global quality standards. As the number of JACIE applications has increased, we are constantly looking for new inspectors to join our ranks. At the moment, we are particularly keen to hear of German, French and Spanish speaking Clinicians and Quality Managers.

Each month, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our JACIE Inspector who will share his/her experience.

Read our interview with Laura Lombardi, JACIE Clinical, Apheresis Collection and Processing Inspector.

Introduce yourself and your role(s) and position(s) within EBMT and outside of EBMT

My name is Laura Lombardi, I’m a Haematologist, 37 years old and I studied Medicine and then specialised in Haematology in "Sapienza" University of Rome. Currently I work in the Transfusion Medicine Unit of San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital in Rome (Italy) participating in the recruitment of blood donors, transfusion therapy, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of anaemia, Patient Blood Management (PBM) and apheresis stem cells collection (for autologous stem cells transplantations).  I also spent 5 years in France (Troyes and Marseille) as a clinician taking care of blood cancers (ALL, AML, aplastic anaemia), allogeneic and autologous stem cells transplantations and Car-T cells therapies.

Why did you decide to become a JACIE inspector?

I attended the JACIE Inspector course in 2022, and I became a JACIE Clinical, Apheresis Collection and Processing Inspector in March 2023, because I was and am still motivated and enthusiastic about the EBMT Transplant Program. I wanted to become a JACIE Inspector to improve my knowledge about the JACIE-FACT certification in my centre. Also, it is an important opportunity to know and meet the other Inspectors from the different European countries.

What has been the most memorable inspection that you have ever done?

I’m a young Inspector, because I’m listed from 15th March 2023, but my first JACIE inspection in Processing for the re-accreditation of the Besançon Hospital transplant centre, in France (November 2023) was a great experience. My inspection team, above all the Team Leader, was very kind and professional. I learned a lot and I was satisfied with the organization of the inspection.

What ‘keys to successful JACIE accreditation’ can you share with us?

For a good inspection, the first step is to review all the documents and try to refer to the checklist on the assigned section.
Immediately before the inspection, on site or with a web meeting a few days before, it’s important to interact with the inspection team to create a constructive environment.

Once you get on site, it’s important to have the maximum attention to the key points of our inspection section and take note of them using the printed paper checklist.

Interaction with the medical team of the inspected centre facilitates the inspection process, and it is recommended to ask questions if any point is unclear.

In my opinion, at the end of the inspection, I recommend to complete the inspection checklist and the descriptive section as soon as possible (2-3 weeks maximum) to respect the delivery of the Centre's accreditation.

How has your career/work benefited from being a JACIE inspector?

I was very satisfied to participate in the JACIE inspection program because I have met new colleagues and I’ve travelled in Europe. It also allowed me to always be updated on the JACIE-FACT program, improving my knowledge in the quality management of transplant centres. Being Inspector JACIE can be an important skill in my future career of Haematologist and it allows me to participate in the EBMT congress this year.

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone who aspires to become a JACIE Inspector?

My personal advice is to always study and update yourself using webinars and training material available for JACIE inspectors; it’s important to work as a team during inspections. If you have any doubts regarding the checklist or another aspect of your JACIE inspection section, it’s better to ask to a more experienced inspector for advice.