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Meet the Inspector, Anne Emmett

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Inspectors are the backbone of JACIE; without them, there is no accreditation process. Becoming an inspector is a wonderful way to contribute to maintaining global quality standards. As the number of JACIE applications has increased, we are constantly looking for new inspectors to join our ranks. At the moment, we are particularly keen to hear of German, French and Spanish speaking Clinicians and Quality Managers.

Each month, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our JACIE Inspector who will share his/her experience.

Read our first interview with Anne Emmett, Quality Manager, BMT, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK.

Anne, could you please introduce yourself and your role(s) and position(s) within EBMT?

Anne Emmett

I have been involved in Quality Assurance (QA) for over 30 years, initially in industry, where I was trained as a Lead Auditor for review of ISO standards, and for the last 18 years in the NHS. I am currently Quality Manager in the Blood, Cells and Cancer Division at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London and am a JACIE inspector for the QA standards.

I’m a member of the JACIE Quality Managers Committee, the JACIE Accreditation Committee, and was on the QA group reviewing the 8th version of the Standards. I’ve also been a speaker or session chair at several EBMT conferences and have been on the Abstract Review Panel for the last five years.

I have been involved in JACIE UK and Ireland QA Forum since the forum was initially set up in 2004, and was on the committee from 2005 to 2013, and still play an active role in the email forum and maintain the LinkedIn Forum page.

I have worked in adult and paediatric services, and also in the Anglia Cancer Network, supporting Trusts with QA issues relating to Peer Review, HTA and JACIE inspections.

How long have you been a JACIE inspector?

I did my training in November 2017, in Warsaw, and did my first inspection in early 2018. Since then I’ve done nine inspections.

What do you like most about being a JACIE inspector?

What I like most is travelling to interesting places (some more than others!) and meeting old and new colleagues, and always learning something new to take back to improve our service.

How has your career/work benefited from being a JACIE inspector?

There is always something that can be brought back to our service that will improve our patient care or experience. It’s also been a whole new learning experience for each new treatment that comes along – e.g. CAR-T. Being a JACIE Inspector keeps your brain active in a sense!

What keys to successful JACIE accreditation can you share with us?

As an inspector – try to make those you are speaking to feel comfortable – more chat than interrogation.

As an inspectee – preparation, preparation, preparation….. and make sure everyone knows ‘why’ not just ‘you must’.

Do you have any tips or advice for EBMT members who aspire to become a JACIE inspector?

Go for it! The training is really useful regardless, but being an inspector is a whole new experience. Seeing the wider JACIE community makes you appreciate just how powerful we are together.