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JACIE Inspector Training Course - 17 November 2022 - Castelldefels

Inspector Committee

The first JACIE inspector course since the pandemic completed the face-to-face workshop on the 17th November 2022. This was a follow up to the new e-learning content that the trainees completed prior to the training event. The day focussed on the accreditation process and the practical tips on preparing for the inspection, finding the evidence onsite/virtually, and the reporting process.

Nineteen trainees across Europe attended the day from Finland to Italy; and the UK to Czech Republic. The sessions were led by the Inspector Committee with the speakers sharing their top tips on preparation and managing the inspection process. In the course of the day, the trainees also had an opportunity to review some materials to identify potential areas for further discussion in the pre-inspection teleconference.

The last part for the trainees to complete is the Standards exam and the observer visit as a part of the inspection team before independently taking part in an inspection.

JACIE Inspector Training Course 2022 - Group photo

JACIE Inspector Training Course 2022 - Group Work photo
(From left to right)
John Fitzgerald, Dimitri Bourantas, Samppa Ryhanen, Pilar Palomo, Kamelia Alexandrova, Laura Lombardi
JACIE Inspector Training Course 2022 - Role play photo
(From left to right)
Laura Lombardi, Ralf Mayer, Dimitri Bourantas, Heidrun Andreu-Ullrich