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JACIE Inspector Training Course - 17 November 2022 - Castelldefels

Inspector Committee

The first JACIE inspector course since the pandemic completed the face-to-face workshop on the 17th November 2022. This was a follow up to the new e-learning content that the trainees completed prior to the training event. The day focussed on the accreditation process and the practical tips on preparing for the inspection, finding the evidence onsite/virtually, and the reporting process.

Nineteen trainees across Europe - some of whom had applied almost three years earlier - attended the day from Finland to Italy; and the UK to Czech Republic. Most of the trainees had applied as Clinical Inspectors with only 9.5% of the trainees identifying as Quality Management trainees. As some of the trainees identifying as Clinical Inspectors may also be eligible as Collection/Processing/Quality Management Inspectors, the final distribution of the inspectors is likely to look slightly different e.g. JACIE gains more inspectors than this figure suggests.

Figure 1. Distribution of trainees by Scope
Figure 1. Distribution of trainees by Scope

The sessions were led by the members of the Inspector Committee with the speakers sharing their top tips on preparation and managing the inspection process. In the course of the day, the trainees also had an opportunity to review some materials to identify potential areas for further discussion in the pre-inspection teleconference in a simulation exercise.

Evaluation and next steps

Although the evaluation of the full training programme in the new format is not yet available, it was reassuring to see that the evaluation of the e-learning component was overall positive. We estimated that the completion of the e-learning modules would take approx. 4.5 hrs in total, but for some trainees this time was significantly longer. As all the modules are provided in English, we are aware that for some trainees the language was a challenge. The module is accompanied by the slides and a transcript of the video to mitigate this to some degree, but reviewing these would inevitably add to the length of time it takes to compete the course. It is important that the evaluation of the full course format is completed before making further changes to the training.

Figure 2. Evaluation of the E-learning modules
Figure 2. Evaluation of the E-learning modules

As JACIE still has a waiting list of trainees who have applied during the pandemic and therefore JACIE is planning to run another course in the first quarter of 2023. In addition, JACIE is in discussion in running a course in French later in 2023 as well as a further course in late 2023.

For more information on how to become an inspector, please see:  or email:

JACIE Inspector Training Course 2022 - Group photo

JACIE Inspector Training Course 2022 - Group Work photo
(From left to right)
John Fitzgerald, Dimitri Bourantas, Samppa Ryhanen, Pilar Palomo, Kamelia Alexandrova, Laura Lombardi
JACIE Inspector Training Course 2022 - Role play photo
(From left to right)
Laura Lombardi, Ralf Mayer, Dimitri Bourantas, Heidrun Andreu-Ullrich

Report by Laura Lombardi

Laura LombardiLaura Lombardi is a 36-year-old haematologist, who works in the Transfusion Centre of San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital in Rome (Italy). Her main activities are: recruitment of blood donors, transfusion therapy, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of anaemia and apheresis stem cells collection (for autologous stem cells transplantations).  She also spent 5 years in France (Troyes and Marseille) as clinician taking care of blood cancers (ALL, AML, aplastic anaemia), allogeneic and autologous stem cells transplantations and CAR-T cells therapies. Laura attended the JACIE Inspector Training Course. She tells us about her experience. 

"After the Covid19 pandemic the return to this course in presence was a very great sensation! It was the first time ever that I participated in this kind of educational course, and it was very rich and interesting for me. The meeting was held in Castelldefels, with a lovely view on the sea and a direct access from and to the airport, not far from Barcelona city centre. 

The subject of the course was the use of technology on multi-site/hybrid inspection, the standards of pre-inspection and inspection for clinical bone marrow transplant units, collecting, processing facilities and quality management, the roles of Director and Team Leader of the JACIE inspection process and the very interesting session about the Immune Effector Cells (IEC) process and standards.

The quality of the meeting organisation and the speakers was very high. There was a dynamic session with an active participation of the attendees. 

I attended the JACIE Inspector Training Course this year because I’m so motivated and enthusiastic about the EBMT Transplant Program and I want to become a JACIE Inspector to improve my knowledge about the JACIE-FACT certification in my centre. It was an important opportunity to know and meet the other participants from the different European countries.

Thank you all, in particular Tuula Rintala and Lucía Jimenez, for this opportunity. I hope that my little contribution encourages other colleagues to attend this course because it’s a very great experience."