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Inspections this autumn

JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee
Quality Managers Committee

After a couple of quieter summer months at the JACIE office, we are gearing up for a busy schedule this autumn across Europe. This is only made possible by our volunteer inspectors who commit their time and effort to carry out the inspections. A huge thank you to all the inspectors already scheduled for an inspection and thank you in advance to all of you whom we will be contacting in the next few weeks to confirm your availability for inspections later in the year or early 2023. 

To enable our inspectors to play their part in the process as effectively as possible, we are asking all Centres to ensure that the pre-inspection documents are submitted in a timely manner (and updated when necessary if there have been delays between the submission and the inspection). This will enable the inspectors to complete part of the checklist prior to the visit or the virtual meeting, which will leave more time for interviews and relieve the time pressure on the days of the inspection. All this will result in a more complete report and checklist and a faster turnaround at the report assessment stage. 

The JACIE process is only made possible by all parties doing their part – a bit like in a transplant process! Thank you to all of you for your contributions.