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FACT-JACIE Steering Committee Kick-off Meeting

JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee
Quality Managers Committee

FACT - JACIE Steering group met in Paris on June 4, 2023 to kick off the Standards review process for the 9th edition of FACT-JACIE Standards. It was a hybrid meeting with FACT members joining us from 1 am local time and bravely even re-joining us after our lunch break. We were steered on with Dr Nicole Prokopishyn, Chair of the Standards Committees in FACT, Dr Lynn Manson, Chair of the JACIE Committee and Dr Phyllis Warkentin, Medical Director from FACT who ensured that we stayed on track with a full agenda. Representing JACIE as sub-committee chairs we were joined by Charles Crawley (Clinical), Anne Emmett (QM), Nina Worel (Collection), and Ivan van Riet (Processing).

Standards review is done through the work in sub-committees for each of the Standards sections. These sub-committees have a representation from both FACT and JACIE. The work in Sub-Committees will commence in September 2023 with a plan to submit the new draft for public consultation from June 2024. Following the public consultation, the sub-committees will review all the comments and the final approval in January 2025, additional documents and the inspection materials will be prepared and the Standards will be published in April 2025. The full implementation of the 9th Edition is planned from August 2025.

JACIE is hugely grateful for the sub-committee Chairs and the sub-committee members for their commitment to this process.