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EBMT works together with edenceHealth, Studio Hyperdrive and De Cronos Groep to develop a new data platform

Registry/Data Management

After a successful proof of concept (POC), EBMT selected edenceHealth, Studio Hyperdrive and De Cronos Groep to develop a new data-entry and registry solution. While the project is still in its initial design phase, the goal is to have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready by the end of 2022.


EBMT currently works with ProMISe, a web based relational database management system for the design, maintenance and use of (clinical) data management. With the license due to expire at the end of 2022, we searched for a partner that could help design and implement a new data platform that not only fulfills our current needs but is also flexible and scalable for the future. 


The new data platform will consist of three main elements—data-entry web application, application database and an analytical database. The flexible data-entry web application is connected to a live application database. Designed to be fast and responsive, this live database will enable many users to concurrently enter and retrieve data.

Every time data is entered into the application database, the analytical database will also be asynchronously updated through a modular data pipeline. The core analytical database is designed in accordance with OMOP-CDM, a patient-centric international standard model. However, extensions have been added meticulously to accommodate the complexity and details of the EBMT data.

The OMOP-CDM centric analytical database will enable EBMT members to leverage datasets from a multitude of federated networks, such as the OHDSI community. With this new data model, large-scale analytics can be performed quickly and efficiently!


To deliver a seamless new EBMT data platform, edenceHealth will combine its medical data expertise with the web-application design/development know-how of Studio Hyperdrive. As De Cronos Groep companies, both are accustomed to co-creation. edenceHealth and Studio Hyperdrive are excited to collaborate with EBMT stakeholders in the creation of a customized high-quality and sustainable digital product.

Freija Descamps – Managing Partner edenceHealth: “We’re proud that EBMT chose us and our partners for the development of their new data platform. In the past, we’ve already worked on the harmonization of several disease-specific registries, and this is the perfect opportunity to continue building on this expertise.” Ms. Descamps continues, “Together with Studio Hyperdrive, we feel confident that we will be able to design and deliver a next-generation EBMT data-entry and registry solution that fits the requirements of the EBMT team, current and future!”

Bas Middelkoop, EBMT Registry Director, explains: “The EBMT has learned from previous endeavours in establishing the next generation software, a successor for ProMISe. We have continued with the idea to upgrade the Registry system with state-of-the-art software designed to meet future data collection and retrieval needs and therefore, to significantly improve the level of science and facilitate studies. Our efforts have paid off and today, we are proud to partner with edenceHealth to develop this new data platform.”