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EBMT TV 2020


EBMT, together with the broadcasting company WebsEdge, produced EBMT TV featuring interviews and session highlights.

You can watch the EBMT TV programmes on our YouTube Playlist.


Welcome to EBMT 2020!

As the 46th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation goes virtual, let Rafael Duarte, 2020 Congress President, and Nicolaus Kröger, EBMT President, introduce you to one of EBMT’s best scientific programme’s ever! Watch the video

COVID-19 and Transplantation

COVID-19 has and continues to disrupt clinical services around the world. Discussing the impact and the changes they’ve had to make to adapt to the new situation Per Ljungman leads a discussion with Anna Sureda, José M. Moraleda and Christian Chabannon which covers everything from cell therapy to the need for health system changes, to what to expect from the future. Watch the video

Nurses Group – Support for Parents of Patients

Blood cancers often affect the very young and can mean a tough time for kids and parents alike. Marijke Quaghebeur (UZ Gent, Belgium) discusses her work providing support for the parents of patients, and how they’re developing tools based on the needs and challenges they’ve identified. Watch the video

Nurses Group – Genital GvHD

Graft vs Host Diseases affects a large number of patients who undergo blood or marrow transplantation, and it can affect many parts of the body. Focusing on the challenges patients face with Genital GvHD, and how she takes them through the recovery process, we hear from Angela Leather (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK). Watch the video

Nurse Group – Life After Osteonecrosis

Osteonecrosis can be a debilitating condition for patients who have had Leukaemia. Teenage and young adult physiotherapist Nicola Chesman (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK) talks about the challenges of rehabilitation, and how it’s often worse than recovery from the original disease itself. Watch the video

Nurses Group – EBMT 2020

The Nurses Education Programme is an essential part of the annual meeting, allowing nurses to stay on top of trends in the field, and to learn the very best practice in clinical care from their peers. Giving us an insight into this year’s schedule, it’s John Murray and Michelle Kenyon, President and President-Elect of the Nurses Group. Watch the video

Psy Day – Long-Term Psychosocial Outcomes

Psy Day has been a big part of EBMT for several years, allowing clinicians to get a better understanding of the psychological demands of their patients. Angela Scherwath got a chance to sit down with one of this year’s top presenters. Mari Campbell presents a paper that looks at the long-term psychosocial outcomes of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Watch the video

Opening Keynote – Multiple Myeloma

María-Victoria Mateos (Salamanca University Hospital, Spain) is one of the world experts in multiple myeloma, tracking the rapid changes that have been made in its treatment over recent decades. To begin this year’s Annual Meeting of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Dr Mateos talks us through the past, present and future of Multiple Myeloma. Watch the video

Young Ambassadors

The EBMT Young Ambassadors programme aims to bring young doctor, nurses and other professionals work in the transplantation field to the meeting to spread the word about the great work being done by EBMT and all its attendees. We caught up with this years group. Watch the video

1st Multi-stakeholder Forum on Innovative Cellular Therapies

The 2020 EBMT meeting includes a brand new event which brings together the various stakeholders involved in bringing cell therapy to patients, including the European Medicines Agency’s Head of Regulatory Science and Innovation, Jordi Llinares Garcia, who discuss the proactive role the EMA plans to play in bringing new drugs to market. Watch the video

Patient, Family & Donor Day

This year as the 46th Annual Meeting of the EBMT goes Virtual, so does one of its highlights, the Patient Family & Donor Day. Bregje Verhoeven talks us through what to expect from this year’s event, which this time will be accessible to an audience from all over the world. Agnés Huet-Vicens talks through her transplantation experience, and Jürgen Kuball presents the latest information on CAR-T cell therapy – offering new hope for patients, but not without its own unique challenges. Watch the video

EBMT 2020 Basic Science Award

Antonia Müller (University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland) gives us an introduction to her award-winning study, which looks at how Jun Activation In Dermal Fibroblasts Promotes Fibrosis And Inflammation In Sclerodermatous Graft-Vs-Host Disease In Mice And Humans. Watch the video

EBMT 2020 Jian-Jian Luan Award

EBMT TV caught up with Monica Cabrero (Salamanca University Hospital, Spain) to take a look at her award-winning paper: Ofatumumab As Part Of Reduced Intensity Conditioning In High-Risk B-Cell Lymphoma Patients: Results From A Prospective Multicenter Phase-II Trial. Watch the video

EBMT 2020 Jon J. Van Rood Award

Cristina Toffalori presents her award-winning paper that investigates how Immune signature drives leukaemia escape and relapse after hematopoietic cell transplantation. Watch the video

EBMT 2020 Van Bekkum Award

Presenting the results of the game-changing RACE Trial, a Phase III Prospective Randomized Multicenter RACE Study Of Horse ATG And Ciclosporin With Or Without Eltrombopag In Naïve SAA Patients, and this year’s Van Bekkum award-winning paper, we hear from Régis Peffault de Latour, Carlo Dufour and Antonio Risitano. Watch the video