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Conclusion of the pilot remote inspections

JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee

JACIE has concluded the pilot remote inspections, thanks to the collaboration and commitment of the three applicant centers, the ten inspectors from all areas of expertise, the JACIE Accreditation Committee, JACIE Inspectors Committee and the JACIE Committee. All three centers were inspected in June and July 2021 following the steps indicated in the July 2021 Newsletter . Subsequently, the inspection reports were generated by the inspectors, reviewed and presented to the JACIE Accreditation Committee. All three centers are now working on correcting the deficiencies identified during the remote inspection. 

The format of the pilot remote inspections mimics as much as possible the onsite accreditation process. The main differences introduced take place during the pre-inspection and inspection phases and include: (a) the inspection tasks are conducted through video conferences (opening/closing meetings, interviews and review of documentation); (b) the tour of the facilities consist of a video recording of the facilities (pre-recorded and/or alive); and (c) the MED A forms are excluded from the scope of accreditation. The post inspection phase of the accreditation process does not include main changes. JACIE provided to the involved centers and inspectors with Microsoft 365 licenses to manage all the inspection tasks within SharePoint and Teams.

The objective of the JACIE pilot remote inspections was to assess the feasibility of incorporating them into the accreditation process. For that purpose participating centers and inspectors have provided valuable feedback, in general the remote model requires more preparation for all parties involved and the support from the JACIE Accreditation Coordinators during the inspection phase. Based on the results, the JACIE Committee has approved the remote inspection format to be used alongside the on-site format.