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The Dutch National Nurses Group

Chairwoman and contact person: Anne van der Spek -

Group website:

The Dutch National Nurses Group is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Dutch Oncology Nursing Society which also takes part in V&VN. The Haematology SIG was founded in May 1985. Until 2009 we were a SIG for Dutch stem cell transplantation nurses. In November 2009 we transformed into a Haematology SIG. Before we transformed, 11 SCT centres took part in our SIG. Since we transformed, six haemato-oncology centres who don’t perform SCTs have joined our group.

Our SIG aims to connect nurses and other care professionals working in haemato-oncology with the ultimate goal of providing excellent care to patients with a haematological disease. 

We want to achieve this by:

  • Improving disease management for the various haematological diseases
  • Maintaining contact with patient associations to identify bottlenecks and needs in care
  • Developing an FAQ database on haematological care issues
  • Supporting the mission and the objectives of V&VN Oncology
  • Giving presentations about the Haematology SIG in nursing training courses and at haematology nursing wards
  • Making substantive contributions to the journal of the Dutch Oncology Nursing Society (Oncologica) and other literature
  • Presenting our knowledge and expertise at the Dutch Nurses Oncology Congress and other haemato-oncology symposia and congresses
  • Making substantive contributions to information and patient instructions and folders of Patients Associations and industry to increase the quality of these products
  • Being a national advisory group for (inter)national parties such as HOVON (the Haemato-Oncology Foundation for Adults in the Netherlands), KWF (The Dutch Cancer Society), SKION (the Haemato-Oncology Foundation for Children in the Netherlands), EBMT, ASH.