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Annual Meeting & Educational Events

The Annual Meeting of the EBMT is the most important annual event for research and education in the field of blood and marrow transplantation and cellular therapy in Europe. It attracts more than 5,500 participants, including international experts, scientists, physicians, nurses, statisticians, clinical research technicians, patients and processing laboratory personnel.

Besides the Annual Meeting, the EBMT and its Working Parties, Committees and Groups put on specialised educational events throughout the calendar year, offering in-depth content for all of the sub-specialities within BMT. Read on to learn more and participate.

Future Annual Meeting Dates

EBMT 2025

51st Annual Meeting of the EBMT
Date: 30 March - 2 April 2025
Florence, Italy

52nd Annual Meeting of the EBMT
Date: 22-25 March 2026
Venue: to be announced

53rd Annual Meeting of the EBMT
Date: 11-14 April 2027
Venue: to be announced

Upcoming Educational Events

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