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Registry Education & Training

This page directs you to some of the training and educational materials made available by the EBMT Registry staff. If you have any questions regarding training and education provided by the EBMT Registry, please contact the Registry Helpdesk on

Training on how to use the new EBMT Registry is mandatory and can be completed on the EBMT e-learning platform. The training is fully virtual, with weekly Q&A sessions organised from the first week of September 2023.

Training on how to use the EBMT Registry is arranged automatically by EBMT when a person requests access to the EBMT Registry. Instructions on how to request access to the EBMT Registry can be found on the Data Submission page. Instructions on how to access the e-learning platform to complete training on the use of the EBMT Registry will be sent out to individuals upon receipt of the relevant EBMT Registry User Account Request form, as detailed on the Data Submission page.

Training Materials

Data Collection Forms Completion Guidelines can be found on the Data Collection page.