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Full name of the Institution

The European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation 

Tax identification numbers

RSIN Foundation: 814370822
RSIN Association: 804217257

Contact details in The Netherlands

Rijnsburgerweg 10, 2333 AA. Leiden, The Netherlands
phone number: +31 71 526 1444  

Executive Committee

  • President: Anna Sureda
  • Secretary: Raffaella Greco
  • Treasurer: Mette Hazenberg

The policy and remuneration policy

The Board is the administrative body of the EBMT. It is responsible for all running operations and decisions that are not due to be taken by the General Assembly (see below). The Board consists of the President, the President-Elect, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the President of the division EBMT Nurses Group and four members elected by and from the Scientific Council. The President of the forthcoming EBMT Annual Meeting is elected onto the Board for the year preceding the annual meeting as a non-voting member. Decisions are taken by majority voting. The President has the deciding vote if the vote is otherwise tied. The Members of the Board will receive no remuneration for their work, unless the Genera Assembly Meeting decides otherwise at the time of appointment. Any expenses incurred will be reimbursed in consultation with the Board.
Please refer to the EBMT Foundation Constitution and EBMT Association Constitution and EBMT bylaws to more details on the EBMT Policy.