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Current Inspectors

The following public list of JACIE inspectors is monthly updated.

Inspection Documents

Inspections & Interim Audit

The following resources detail the inspection process and will facilitate your participation in inspections, as well as provide information about continuing education.


Our travel agency, BCD Travel, will get in contact with the inspectors after the JACIE office confirms the inspection date. They might request some information (departure city, any restrictions) and will propose an itinerary and accomodation that the inspector needs to confirm. Inspectors are always requested to arrive the previous evening.


JACIE makes use of the Sharepoint environment to share documents with inspectors and centres: in order to conduct a process JACIE offers a license free of cost for Office 365. There is a guide available for the users to check their access to the Microsoft Office 365 services.

Additional Guides & References

There are additional guides and handbooks relating to quality management available in the Document Centre. You can also peruse the list of external resources we have compiled.

Inspectors Online Forum

A LinkedIn group dedicated to JACIE inspectors has been set up. Note that access is only offered to registered inspectors. The Group's success depends on how willing members are to participate, so please feel free to raise questions and generate discussion.