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Registry Release Updates

The EBMT Registry is a web application where data entry can take place. The web application was released for all users on August 24th, 2023. The release version is referred to as version 1.0.

Scheduled maintenance

Please, be aware that the Registry data entry application will not be available from 25/03/2024 12:00 p.m CET to 27/03/2024  16:00 p.m. CET as EBMT will be performing data migration tasks during this time.

During the scheduled maintenance, you will not be able to access the Registry data entry application. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk.


As the EBMT has collected a lot of data over the years, it was not possible to have all legacy data in the registry at go live. The data that was migrated before go live is:

  • Acute leukemia
  • Combined MDS/MPN
  • MDS
  • MPN
  • Allogeneic HCT
  • Autologous HCT
  • Plasma Cell Disorders including multiple myeloma
  • Lymphomas
  • Cellular Therapy
  • Cellular Therapy Follow-up
  • Status at HCT/CT/IST
  • Haemoglobinopaties

After go live, the rest of the legacy data from the core dataset will be migrated to the EBMT Registry. This will happen in 3 cycles, which will take until quarter 2 of 2024.

Cycle Forms
1 (December) HCT day 100, autoimmune disorders, Bone Marrow Failures, incl SAA other diagnosis
2 (January) HCT annual, inborn errors, non-indication diagnosis
3 (before March 2024) IST day 0, IST day 100, IST annual, solid tumours, chronic leukaemias

Known bugs at release and fix dates

When users started working with the EBMT Registry, some bugs were reported. Some of these have been resolved already, others are pending resolution with the next release.

Issue Fix date
Issues with saving forms that have checkbox items August 31, 2023
Searching for dates does not work September 4, 2023
Sorting does not work End of September release
Issues with saving anonymous events August 31, 2023
Errors/warnings appear on empty fields End of September release
Typo in Ethnicity options Release 1.1
Hint text position is misplaced Release 1.1
Events that require your attention displaying wrong events Release 1.1
Events that display your attention does not redirect to the correct event Release 1.1
Fields marked as Ongoing/Not Evaluated/Unknown are not cleared automatically after entering data Release 1.1
"Other" could not be found in select-search fields Release 1.2
Patients can be created in the future Release 1.2
Hidden fields can activate error/warnings     Release 1.2
Endpoint returning error 500 on Filter based virtual registries Release 1.4
Donor GRID values upper limit Release 1.4
Further improvement on Other searches Release 1.4
Empty patient page for Data Monitors/Viewers Release 1.4
Events can clutter the timeline Release 1.4
Dashboard displaying wrong information Release 1.5
Patient information variables not working on filtering Release 1.5
Errors incorrectly triggered on dates and numeric fields Release 1.6

Release notes

As the EBMT Registry is in ongoing development, new functionalities will be added every once in a while. The addition of new functionalities, improvements of existing functionalities and bug fixes are called releases.

Version Release date
1.0 August 24th, 2023
1.1 September 26th, 2023
1.2 October 30th, 2023
1.3 October 30th, 2023
1.4 December 4th, 2023
1.5 December 12th, 2023
1.6 January 30th, 2024

Version 1.6 release notes

Release date: January 30th, 2024

  • New features were added to the EBMT Registry:
    • Changing patient data now requires a reason for change.
    • Date of informed consent has been updated to First date of Informed Consent.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Data editors should be able to update consent sub-questions
    • Export button will no longer be greyed out when the number of patients to export appears as Unknown.
    • The algorithm used to search the options in dropdown has been update to find Other faster.
    • Validations to date fields have been updated and will no longer trigger undesired errors or warnings.

Version 1.5 release notes

Release date: December 12th, 2023

  • New features were added to the EBMT Registry:
    • Filtering on special statuses, such as Not Evaluated and ongoing is now possible.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Audit trail has been improved to increment the information available for administrators.
    • Filtering on patient information variables is working as expected.
    • Dashboards displayed wrong information in some cases, this has been addressed to show the correct information.
    • Further changes have been performed to the tentative patients check.

Version 1.4 release notes

Release date: December 4th, 2023

  • New features were added to the EBMT Registry:
    • Filtering on special statuses, such as Unknown is now possible.
    • Now it is possible to add notes to patients.
    • Centre based virtual registry users can create anonymous events.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Endpoint returning error 500 on Filter based virtual registries has been fixed.
    • Donor GRID values upper limit was removed.
    • Further improvement on Other searches were implemented.
    • Empty patient page for Data Monitors/Viewers should display appropiate patients.
    • Events timeline was re-designed to avoid accumulation of events.

Version 1.3 release notes

Release date: October 30th, 2023

  • Small improvements over 1.2:
    • Data editors can now update consent status.

Version 1.2 release notes

Release date: October 30th, 2023

  • New features were added to the EBMT Registry:
    • Filtering on empty fields.
    • Making a PDF printable version of an event.
    • Export functionality for data editors and data viewers.
    • Maintenance mode so the EBMT staff can do changes to the platform and migration of legacy data safely.
  • Bug fixes:
    • "Other" cannot be found in select-search fields has been addressed.
    • It is no longer possible to create patients with date of event in the future.
    • Hidden fields do not trigger errors/warnings anymore.

Version 1.1 release notes

Release date: September 26th, 2023

  • New features were added to the EBMT Registry:
    • Filtering now allows to filter on centre properties such as CIC (centre identification code) or Country. Furthermore, now it is possible to filter by event without adding any extra clause, and on event creation date.
    • Radio buttons can be cleared in case of erroneous data entry
    • EBMT personnel will now have the capability to release predefined filters for all users
    • Centre-based virtual registries will now allow users to see the anonymous events associated with the centre members of the virtual registry.
  • Improvements to the EBMT Registry:
    • Demo environments can be clearly distinguished from production now to avoid entering data in the wrong section.
    • The events in the overview ‘events that require your attention’ now redirect to the relevant event.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a typo in ethnicity options
    • Hint texts has been positioned more appropriately
    • Events that require your attention will no longer display events that do not require attention. Furthermore, now selecting the events that require your attention will redirect the user to the correct event.
    • Fields marked as Ongoing/Not evaluated/Unknown will clear its greyed out status automatically when data is entered without a need for the user to click on it.

 Version 1.0 release notes

Release date: August 24th, 2023

  • Release of the tool to the public