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Participating in the EBMT exam offers a multitude of benefits for healthcare professionals striving to achieve high-quality education in the rapidly evolving field of HCT and CT.

Why should I take the Exam?

Expertise validation

The EBMT exam serves as a comprehensive assessment tool, validating the knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals in the field of HCT and CT. Successfully passing this exam indicates a high level of proficiency.

Certify knowledge in HCT and CT

The EBMT is a renowned international organisation. Attending its exam provides a recognised certification, enhancing opportunities for collaboration on a worldwide scale.

Stay Current with Advances

The field of HCT and CT is rapidly evolving. By participating in the EBMT exam, professionals ensure they are continuously updated on the latest research findings, technological advancements, and treatment modalities.

Professional advancement

A successful outcome in the EBMT exam can significantly contribute to professional advancement. Healthcare institutions recognise the importance of specialised certifications, and achieving this distinction demonstrates commitment to continuous learning, professional growth, and excellence.

Quality Patient Care

The knowledge learned to pass the EBMT exam will increase the quality care provided to patients undergoing HCT and CT.

Who is the EBMT exam designed for?

The EBMT exam is intended for haematologists, residents, fellows, or trainees in the HCT and CT fields.

What are the learning materials?

The learning materials of the preparation for the EBMT exam e-learning course will be based on the newly released EBMT handbook, the backbone of the EBMT education activities. However, updated new educational resources will be uploaded regularly to the educational library from April to December 2024.

When and how?

The EBMT exam will take place during the 51st edition of the EBMT Annual Meeting and will consist of multiple-choice questions in English.

Quality & Certification

Quality assurance

To guarantee the high scientific and educational standards of the exam all questions will be reviewed by experts in the fields of HCT and CT.

EBMT Official Certification

Participants who pass the exam will receive an official EBMT certificate.

More details on the preparation course for the EBMT exam will be provided shortly!