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Venue Selection Process for the Annual Meeting 2027

Deadline for applications: 28th July 2023

The European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation invites EBMT members to submit a bid for hosting the upcoming 53rd Annual Meeting of the EBMT that will take place in 2027. The Annual Meeting will include:

53rd Meeting of the Physicians,
43rd Meeting of the EBMT Nurses Group,
26th Meeting of the Data Management Group,
21st EBMT Patient, Family and Donor Day (PFDD),
19th Meeting of the Quality Management Group,
16th Cell Therapy Day,
16th Paediatrics Day,
12th Pharmacists Day,
11th Psy Day,
9th Transplant and Search Coordinators Day,
8th Meeting of the GoCART Coalition,
7th Lab Scientists Day,
6th Trainee Day, and
5th Practise Harmonisation Day

Outlined below is important information about the Annual Meeting and the application process.

The Annual Meeting of the EBMT is the society’s key activity in terms of scientific networking. It is also one of the primary sources of revenue to support the EBMT studies, registry, educational activities, including the Annual Meeting, and accreditation (JACIE). Thus, the EBMT together with the Local Organising Committee bear the financial and organisational responsibilities of the Annual Meeting. Maximisation of profit is therefore an important strategic goal, but this must be balanced by other key objectives:

  • Deliver a successful and sustainable Annual Meeting that is accessible and relevant to the delegates (and the EBMT community at large).
  • Foster a long-term collaborative relationship with industry sponsors.
  • Promote transparency and accountability to members and delegates.

Important note

The information below reflects the reality of the EBMT as it stands now in June 2023, and does not reflect any possible or eventual changes of the society we are not aware of currently. EBMT is in a process of evolution; transitioning the Annual Meeting first from in-person to fully virtual, and now to a hybrid meeting with both in-person and virtual components as we navigate the current global landscape.

It is of the utmost importance that the conditions of the bids reflect the flexibility that is needed in the coming years. The flexibility and city/venue support offered will be regarded as key points of consideration for successful bid candidates.

Only candidates whose bids include strategic proposals for risk reduction and favourable adaptability to changing conditions with the future impact of COVID-19 and/or analogous pandemics/emergency situations in mind will be considered. 

The Board reserves the right to change the organisation or the conditions/requirements to hold the Annual Meeting of the EBMT. Decisions are made during Board Meetings and candidates considering hosting the Annual Meeting of the EBMT will be informed accordingly including any possible changes and their impact.


Frequency Annual
Time of year End of March/beginning of April (it should not be scheduled during the Easter holiday, ie. weeks containing Good Friday and Easter Monday) anytime from 15th March (earliest start date) to 15th April (latest end date)
Venue European City with capacity to host meeting
Official language English
Selection of venue EBMT Board (based on the evaluation of bids satisfying predefined criteria by EBMT's Education and Events Department)
Duration Sunday to Wednesday (3 ½ days in the venue)
Industry Symposia Sunday
Exhibition build-up Friday and Saturday (2 days) 
Exhibition dismantling Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon
Group badge pick up Friday afternoon


Timing for EBMT Annual Meeting Venue Selection Process June 2023 - October 2023


28 Jun 2023

Announcement of “Invitation to Bid” (including deadlines) EBMT Education and Events Department EBMT Members
28 Jul 2023 Submission of “Expression of Interest to Bid” and any relevant supporting documents (eg. venue brochures)

Prospective Congress President
Prospective Congress Venue

EBMT Education and Events Department
Aug 2023 Conference call (if necessary) EBMT Education and Events Department Prospective Congress President
Prospective Congress Venue
Aug 2023 Pre-Selection of a maximum of 4 candidacies
Invitation to proceed with the Bidding Process
EBMT Education and Events Department Prospective Congress President
Prospective Congress Venue
8 Sep 2023 Submission Deadline for “Complete Bid Document”
Site visits if necessary hosted by the city/venue
Prospective Congress President
Prospective Congress Venue
EBMT Education and Events Department
17 Nov 2023 Evaluation and Presentation of Bids – final Decision during the EBMT Board meeting EBMT Board Prospective Congress President
Prospective Congress Venue